We are getting

ready to launch

We are currently completing final testing and evaluation of our new commercial drone capability, we shall be launching our new service at the end of the year and will have some exciting footage to share with you.


Drone surveys give you access to real time footage and pictures from aspects usually only viewed by Rope Access teams and in many cases aspects that cannot be accessed any other way.


Our drones are capable of carrying multiple payloads from high definition video and crystal clear photography to thermal cameras that have search and rescue applications as well as benefits such as finding hotspots or leaks in commercial sites.


We shall also be providing a 3D digital model and mapping service that will allow you to view your projects from multiple angles and perspectives.


If you would like to hear more about how we can bring cost saving benefits to your business or project then why not give us a call on 07739 357 911 or drop us a few lines by emailing us at:

Take a look at what 3d Mapping software could do for you project in this quick video


Every relationship we forge with our clients is based on trust and doing our best to hold their interests at heart



Our pilots are Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) qualified and have specific training in the use of 3D digital mapping software and aerial photography. 



We conduct regular training audits to ensure our staff maintain competence and build on their skills



We check our staff using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to ensure they have a clear criminal background.



Experience counts, that's why we repeatedly practice our craft. All of our staff embrace a continuous professional development ethos. When we are not working, we're training.



Ensuring that we meet legal requirements is essential, this is why we subscribe to the ISN networld contractor verification group. Membership number: 400 280 667