Your muscles will tire,

Your equipment will get old,

Gravity however, is constant.

What is IRATA and why is it necessary

Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) is an established and recognised industry standard for rope access work, it has standardised qualification levels that are delivered by regulated and authorised training providers. Any person that is an IRATA member (anyone who has successfully completed a course and is still within expiry dates) is registered on a database where you can check their validity against the register by simply entering their unique IRATA number and surname. All ResQsupport rope access technicians are IRATA qualified.

Why this benefits you as a client

The primary benefit to you is the knowledge that the people you are using have received high quality training and are required to keep a log of their experiential hours (you may request to see their log books). As a result of this training any work carried out should be recorded in a highly detailed Risk Assessment Method Statement RAMS document that will mitigate risks and detail the methodology behind the work to be completed. As a standard part of our service provision we provide full RAMS for any work we undertake for you.

The main reason rope access is used in most cases is to gain access to areas or perspectives that would not be possible or not commercially viable from perspective of safety, cost or disruption to operations. The speed in which a rope access team can access and get to work would for example be less disruptive and quicker than erecting scaffold towers.

What kind of work can rope access teams do

Almost any work that is required to take place at height can be achieved by a rope access team given the correct experience, planning and equipment. Many offshore drilling constructions are achieved using rope access techniques to construct, maintain and decommission these remote superstructures, in essence much more can be done inland than window cleaning and surveys (although these are common activities). 


We have a great relationship for safety and quality with our clients. We will happily let them tell you about us.



Our staff are certified Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) technicians and every team member has advanced first aid skills.



We conduct regular training drills to ensure our skills are sharp when they need to be. 



We check our staff using the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to ensure they have a clear criminal background.



We employ experienced IRATA Rope Access Technicians to ensure that all work we undertake is as safe and efficient as possible.



Ensuring that we meet legal requirements is essential, this is why we subscribe to the ISN networld contractor verification group. Membership number: 400 280 667